Why Rails Developers are devoted to God?

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Ever since open source technologies have entered the market, the application development arena has seen a major shift towards higher efficiency, reduced error rates, wider customization and reduced timeframes. One such technology that takes the cake when it comes to offering unmatched flexibility and ease of use to developers, new and old alike is Ruby on Rails. RoR development ensures that programmers enjoy their coding and development processes, and their productivity is sustained over the entire stretch of the software development life cycle. Widely popular among developer communities owing to its flexible open source nature and favoring convention over configuration, it has become the development technology of choice for many an offshore software development company. But even such a potent development technology needs to depend on God! Yes, you heard us correctly! It’s just that we didn’t mean the omnipotent one in the heavens above.

We are talking about a monitoring framework written in Ruby programming language, called as God. This rubygem is an easy-to-configure, easy-to-monitor framework that ensures all your important server processes and tasks are always up and running. It can be installed on any UNIX-based operating system. Being a powerful monitoring application, it has become an instant hit with RoR developers working within tight timeframe in many a Ruby on Rails company. The features of the God framework include:

  • A config file written in the easy-to-understand Ruby programming language
  • Easily customizable as per requirements, via code changes in Ruby
  • Complete and comprehensive monitoring support for poll and event-based conditions
  • Customizable intervals for separate poll conditions
  • A built-in notification system with the option of creating a custom one too!
  • Allows easy control over non-daemonizing scripts

You can even undertake maintenance processes, such as restarting application servers. Some might recognize similarities here with the Monit process. The difference as stated earlier is that God is written and can be configured and customized using the Ruby programming language. So, all your little tricks of loops, tests and custom extensions can go in there. God may eat up some memory in its bid to start, restart or stop processes. This can become particularly evident if you are on a server with little or no memory to spare. It is ideal when you are working on a single server with a plethora of applications running together. Monit, on the other hand needs to be dealt with in its own syntax. Its PID files, if empty, are known to cause issues and it does not deal too well with multiple dependency hierarchies.



God can be configured on the following operating systems:

  • Darwin 10.4.10
  • RedHat Fedora 6-15
  • Ubuntu Dapper (no events)
  • Ubuntu Feisty
  • CentOS 4.5 (no events), 5, 6

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