The Keys to be an iPhone Ninja

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Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? Or, do you aspire to be one sometime soon? No matter who you are, the cutting-edge features of the iPhone are sure to rouse your interest. The smartphone that grabbed headlines and started a revolution; the Apple iPhone, is a Pandora’s box. Apart from its exceptional quality of music, high-resolution camera, and its personal assistance features, there are a lot of well-kept secrets which if known, can raise the user experience levels to unprecedented levels. Any iPhone development company would also benefit from the tips we are sharing here; features that are not commonly known to iPhone users and can be leveraged to build innovative apps. So here goes, the keys that could turn you into an iPhone Ninja.

Key 1:
Heard about Barcode scanning? Sure you have! Point your iPhone camera at the barcode of a product and voila! All the encrypted details are resolved in simple text on your phone. But wait, there’s more. Your iPhone can also scan QR codes. Download a barcode scanning app and you can compare the price of a product across different stores in your locality. The next time you decide to stop by to pick up a movie DVD, scan its barcode and you will see the best prices offered for it by stores in your vicinity.

Key 2:
Well versed with remote connections and mstsc’s? But, wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage your computer from anywhere and even when on the move. Enter the iPhone. Download an app, such as Ignition. Connect to your computer, be it a Mac or a Windows PC, and effortlessly manage your files. You can easily run applications, send emails, copy files and accomplish a lot more.

Key 3:
Are you away on a vacation, but afraid of someone breaking into your home? Download an app like Homeworks Light Control, and you can easily control the lighting system in your house and make your home feel like it’s occupied. Deter potential burglars and bust their plans.

Key 4:
Finally decided on buying that cool scientific calculator for advanced calculations? Wait, your iPhone can do this too! If you have a simple calculator on your iPhone, you can easily change its settings to convert it to a scientific calculator. Wow you pals and teachers alike, by whipping out your iPhone and breezing through that difficult calculation.

Key 5:
Need a crystal clear scanned copy of your university application? Don’t just rely on the iPhone camera. Download the Genius Scan app that scans your physical documents from every angle and combines all the scans into a single comprehensive, high-quality screenshot.

So, there you go. Feel a little smarter? Dig into the web and you’ll find even more of such tips and tricks. We are a leading mobile app development company providing state-of-the-art offshore iPhone development services that are ROI-specific and cost-effective too. We possess a talented pool of app developers allowing you to pick and choose an iPhone app developer for hire according to your need.

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