The Human Side of PHP

It’s true that the humankind has become akin to the concrete jungle surrounding it. Yet, there are instances when human traits do surface and take center stage. But what if a seemingly semi-intelligent entity such as technology displayed these traits? Surprised? Well, don’t be! We are talking about the common features of Introspection and Reflection that form a part of any programming language, here specifically PHP.

Any successful PHP development company would employ and retain dedicated PHP developers who are skilled at manipulating the object classes in programming; commonly termed as PHP Introspection. Primarily useful when in a fix over what method or class to execute at the design stage, PHP Introspection is every developer’s ally. Using a variety of functions, PHP allows a developer to scrutinize classes, interfaces, properties, and methods. Some of them include:

  • class_exists()
  • interface_exists()
  • get_class()
  • get_parent_class()
  • is_subclass_of()

Going one step further, PHP also provides a Reflection API that offers a generous dose of classes and methods, which can reverse-engineer existing interfaces, functions, methods, extensions and classes, as well as retrieve doc comments on them. ReflectionClass being the main class of this API offers unmatched efficiency and intuitive coding. Some of the functions included in the Reflection API are:

  • getInterfaceNames()
  • getParentClass()
  • getName()
  • getMethods()

With the use of the Introspection feature of PHP and the Reflection API, PHP coders can build and deploy complex applications seamlessly, by scrutinizing their code at run-time.

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