Single Page Application Development – The ASP.NET Way

Heard of Single Page Application framework? If you are into custom .NET development, we are sure you must have. The inherent advantages of a Single Page Application (SPA) make it a prime focus ASP.NET developers committed to the development of highly responsive web applications that are devoid of post backs and do not lead to page reloads. When you have applications that run like native apps on your machine the response times and the overall user experience are bound to be exceptional.

SPAs are similar to the applications that can be developed using the combination of AJAX and XMLHTTPRequest, or Iframe; but build on the shortcoming of these technologies by leveraging the ASP.NET MVC4 Beta framework. Using a parameterized URL for the definition of different operations that you wish to complete, Single Page Applications also use the history.js library. This means that not only is the state of the web page maintained, but also the browser back option functions normally and saves the state of the page. All this, in spite of the processes being rapidly executed on the client side! Additionally, SPAs work very well in tandem with HTML5’s advantageous features such as LocalStorage and Application Cache that are quintessential for the development of offline web applications.

Advantages of Single Page Applications:

•    Rich and interactive application development
•    Potent blend of template binding scripts, Data Model scripts, services, and data templates
•    Integration with LocalStorage and Application Cache features of HTML5
•    Simplified SPA development via ASP.NET MVC4 Beta framework
•    Rapid SPA development combined with an elegant UI

Further simplification is on its way, with the development of SPA Template Project nearing its completion. You can run the NuGet command line utility residing in the Package Manager Console available under the Tools menu and just type Install-Package SinglePageApplication.CSharp. The resulting template is quite enhanced and should offer seamless SPA development.

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