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Every offshore software development company dreams of developing an app that takes the market by storm. Judging by the sheer number of apps available today, it is no surprise that this is dream shared by many. Take the case of Google’s Android OS. Ever since its inception, Android has taken the mobile app development community by storm. Even mobile handset manufacturers have been forced to develop custom devices for this platform. Amidst all this brouhaha, common smartphone users are at a loss and facing problems of choice. For the Android platform itself, there are countless apps available, some good, some bad, some distinctly similar and some really expensive. So what does an Android smartphone user do? Well, for starters he/she can read this article because we are listing some of the best apps available for the Android platform.
For the user community that works on the move, there are apps that will improve their productivity. Thinking Space is one such paid app. A mind mapping software, it is an essential tool for ideators, visualizers, planners and anyone else thinking about a new idea. For people who love keeping stuff organized, the Astro File Manager will come in handy. You can copy, move and rename files, send them off as attachments, back them up and reduced their size using compression. When is the last time something extremely useful and important was available for free? Well, the GTasks app is. A task manager that conveniently syncs with desktop Google Tasks, GTasks is accessible even via Gmail and Google Calendar.
Utilities are an app segment that in spite of their name, have been undermined dues to common perceptions. But with apps like Toddler Lock, you will definitely change your mind. This app locks your phone and converts it into a toy that responds to your kid’s every touch with different shapes, colors and sounds. Are you afraid of losing your expensive smartphone? The AntiDroidTheft app activates the GPS feature of your phone allowing you to easily track it. The camera of the phone can be remotely turned on to snap a shot of the surroundings, helping you zero in on your phone’s location. Be the life of the party with the Color Flashlight app that allows your phone to display a wide variety of strobe patterns and hues.
When it comes to internet usage, you can choose between Skyfire and Dolphin Browser HD apps. You can share your favorite web pages using the Bookmarklet that integrates into an Android browser. If you are addicted to audio and video podcasts, then the BeyondPod app is perfect for you. Combining with Android’s default music player, it lets you discover and control subscriptions to podcasts. If you like to click numerous pictures at any occasion and love sharing them, get the Picasa Tool Pro that allows you to upload large number of photos at one go. You can view your albums, manage them and reply to comments.
So, that’s our wrap of some of the most awesome apps for your Android smartphone. We are a web application development company provide Android development services. If you are looking to outsource Android development or want to get an Android developer for hire, get in touch with us. We believe in providing cost-effective development services in constricted timeframes and with high quality.

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