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An offshore software development company, in today’s scenario would love to have a team of CakePHP developers, Codeigniter developers and a Symfony developer for developing cutting-edge web applications. The scope and width of PHP as a technology has been increasing with many frameworks coming to the fore. But, still there’s some that hold fort and are trusted for their reliability. Here we introduce you three such frameworks that have been tried, tested and accepted by millions of developers worldwide.

  • CakePHP

A well-rounded development framework based on the PHP codebase, CakePHP integrates many advantages. It helps create and rapidly deploy prototypes using state-of-the-art techniques like code generation and scaffolding. It does not need to be configured allowing you to leave out messy XML and YAML configuration files, and just concentrate on setting up your database. You can free employ this framework for developing commercial applications as it is MIT licensed. Besides, it has integrated translations, database access, caching, validation and authentication features. This framework is secure and has in-built tools like input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention.

  • Symfony

A widely adopted PHP framework, Symfony allows fast and smooth development of PHP applications and provides an easy to maintain codebase. The advantages of this framework rival that of popular CMS (Content Management Systems) and packaged software. It is flexible enough to let you adopt a customized development approach and helps precise satisfaction of customer requirement. Being an open source distributed PHP framework, Symfony allows structured development and minimizes time spent on writing code for common functions.

  • CodeIgniter

One of the simplest and easiest open source PHP frameworks to work with, CodeIgniter offers a ready resource library to kick-start your coding using an object-oriented approach. And it’s free! A pertinent example would be the CodeIgniter Database API which offers ready SQL queries waiting for you to execute them. Other advantages associated with this framework include a comprehensive user guide, classes and helpers, and the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

We are an offshore software development company and have foreseen the tremendous reception that PHP was bound to receive. With this realization, we have cultivated teams of CakePHP developers, Codeigniter developers and Symfony developers who are armed with the latest advancements in their respective technologies. These development teams are primed to develop and deploy cutting-edge web applications that feature excellent design constructs and rock-solid code bases.

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