PHP development – OD`d on Abstractionism

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All hail PHP – the undisputable favorite when it comes to rapid web application development. Many an offshore software development company will vouch for the efficacy and efficiency that PHP brings into the application development context. Its simplicity is its biggest advantage and has led it to being adapted into a plethora of development frameworks. Take CakePHP developers for example working in any PHP development company and ask them about PHP; all you will hear is them waxing eloquent about the benefits of this language. PHP is not without its fallacies; lack of an ERP design approach and lack of multithreading. Yet, it reigns supreme without a doubt.

What PHP developers need to keep in mind when developing web applications is to avoid injecting an overdose of abstractions in their code. A basic element of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), abstractions are known to reduce duplication of code and make it easy to maintain and clean. Abstraction-writing is an art and ensures that all the possible types and properties of an object are specified. Following are some of the common examples of abstraction overuse:

  • Multiple routers in a project – avoid this at all costs as it may lead to substantial code change once you reach that point when evaluating an intricate path logic specified in a single line of code
  • Additional front-end controllers – even though, it is clear that no additional modules are to be added for two static modules, additional controllers are implemented and called from the outside
  • One-in-all function – avoid using a single method to do it all with a long code snippet laced with conditions. Specify separate methods and add them to each class.
  • Pass on to JavaScript – when using JavaScript at the backend, avoid delegating all the processes to JavaScript as it take up longer execution time
  • Usage of 3rd party scripts – avoid using third-party scripts, such as CoffeeScript and Cass/Less unless really required. No doubt that they helped in OOP handling, but if used without a reason will add to unnecessary code and extensive compiling.
  • Abstraction layer design minus the thought – Just adding abstraction functions for code that generates output upfront will just lead to extra code when any modifications are required

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