PHP-Based Application Development

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The web application community spread across the globe is a massive entity which is divided in its loyalty towards various programming standards and technologies. Nevertheless, when it comes to rapid web application development, the first technology to pop into our heads is PHP. Sworn allegiance to by many and denigrated by countless others, PHP still is without a doubt, one of the most favored web application development technologies. PHP web development services continue to be in great demand across the world. Low-cost PHP development services have increased the need for offshore PHP developers.

What works in PHP’s favor are its inherent and undeniable advantages. A server-side programming language, PHP’s code is similar to C and C++ enabling a lot of developers to easily pick-up the coding nuances and manipulate them for effective development. You are benefitted by an improved output flow via the enhanced output buffering which allows PHP to internally rearrange data to ensure that headers are arranged before content. This reduces the strain on servers. Suitable for back-end as well as front-end development, PHP offers wide compatibility with all major operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and relational databases like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL, etc.

PHP 5.0 based on the Zend Engine 2 has been a blessing in disguise for many a PHP development company as they have gained the requisite technical expertise to develop full-scale web applications. With an object-oriented approach and an open source programming platform, PHP allows developers to create their own signature language extensions. In combination with Linux, Apache web server, and MySQL, PHP forms the LAMP development structure that provides enhanced stability, flexibility, and reusability and powers many a dynamic web application today. PHP is very suitable for the development of web portals that provide dynamic content as it integrates security features combined with technical support for warding off virus and spyware threats. A strong debugger engine ensures that any errors or bugs that might sneak into the code are easily trapped and revealed.

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