Maxing Out Your Android Phone

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The struggle for mobile operating system supremacy has been a spicy affair. With the iOS leaving its compatriots behind and then having to compete with the surging force called Google Android, the mobile operating system arena is evolving rapidly. With a constant sense of urgency to develop features that outdo the current set of functionalities provided by rival OSs, smartphones have developed into hybrid hand-held devices that in the near future might even have a mind of their own. When it comes to Google Android, this open source mobile operating system has taken the world by store amassing huge popularity among users and developers, alike. Many an Android development company has sprung up trying to ride the opportune crest of this business boom.
A smartphone with an Android operating system has tremendous potential. But all of its features might not be very evident. Here we try to unearth these features that should allow you to max out the potential of you Android smartphone.


  • The first thing you do when you get your hands on a smartphone is to customize it. This includes the sounds, notifications, haptic feedback, etc. All this can be achieved through the Settings menu which includes the menu for Sound & Display.
  • Addicted to multitasking? Don’t worry, Android’s got it covered. Hold down the Home key and select the app you want to switch to from the switcher tab.
  • If you own an HTC smartphone, you can now share your apps with your pals by using App Sharing. Select this app and then the app you want your pal to have. Share it using email, messages or third party apps. Your friend will receive the free app’s download.
  • The powerful search functionality of an Android phone allows you to perform a customized search right from your home screen. The search criteria can be further defined by accessing the Search option in the Settings menu.
  • If the app you just downloaded is not what you were looking for or is just not good enough, you can initiate a refund request within 15 minutes of downloading the app. Use the Marketplace App, access My Apps/Downloads and locate the app you want to return. Select it and choose Uninstall & Refund.
  • Accustomed to ending calls using the power button? This can be an issue when using Android phones as the call continues even when the lock is enabled. Go to Settings, navigate to Accessibility and then select Power Button Ends Call.
  • Multiple Home screens are a boon allowing you to segregate stuff you love into different screens. But what if you want to view all these Home screens at one time, so that you can choose one of them? Pressing the Home button or pinching-in on the screen can bring up a top view or helicopter view of these screens.
  • Prevent that obnoxious and irritating caller from reaching you the next time. Find the caller card, press Menu and go to options to route this guy’s calls directly to voicemail.
  • Lastly, the Android Power Control Widget can be added to your home screen. You can easily turn of power-hungry features such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi using this smart widget.

There’s a ton of such features that we could not possibly cover in this article. But we know a lot more about Android and have been developing cutting-edge, innovative apps for quite some time now. We are an offshore software development company specializing in mobile app development. If you are looking to outsource Android development or to hire Android developers we are your best bet. Our cost-effective development processes and high levels of expertise will act as wings to help your app fly to successful heights.

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