Impact Alert – Brace yourself for iPhone 5

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It has been a rare event when a technology product has revolutionized an entire industry and garnered a million-strong following. Associate this scenario with Apple, and the reality sinks in that it really is the case. The revolution started with Steve Job’s vision of a path-breaking smartphone customized to every user’s liking and aptly titled, iPhone. It seems eons since the inception of the first of these phones. The revolution has spawned many an iPhone app development company that thrives on the countless opportunities generated by the demand for innovative apps that redefine user experience levels. If you own or have been a part of a mobile app development company, you can truly grasp the magnanimity of this situation. And, now the time has come for the latest in line of these gadgets to hit the market. Behold the iPhone 5!

The rumour mills have been churning and one of the biggest things to spill out has been that the iPhone 5 might integrate the A5X dual-core processor that powers its tablet compatriot, the iPad. When compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, this processing power pales as these smartphones come with quad-core processors. But, the hardcore iPhone fan need not be disheartened! Reportedly, the iPhone 5 is all set to feature the quad-core graphical processing prowess earlier seen in the iPad 3. Also, it is being said that the size of the 5th generation iPhone will stay the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 4S despite the increase in the processing power resulting in the need for a more enduring battery. Additionally, smartphone technology pundits are also raving about the possibility of the iPhone 5 featuring support for 4G with LTE. This would mean lightning-fast browsing, seamless online content and rapid downloads.

The iPhone 4S featured a 5MP camera. So, it would be safe to believe that the next in generation could sport a powerful 8MP camera along with a front camera to support video calling and chatting. With several 3D picture app patents filed by Apple, who knows, we might even find the device integrating 3D picture capturing and editing capabilities. Panorama pictures might also become a reality.

In a bid to position iPhone as a device that sheds its traditional lineage, it is being said that Apple might also shed the numbered naming that was always associated with the iPhone. The phone might also bring about the launch of the latest generation of the Apple operating system, the iOS 6. With features such as iMessage to compete with the BlackBerry messenger and iCloud for mobile access to all your data, the iPhone 5 could really be the dream-come-true for many an iPhone connoisseur.

We will stay tuned to the iPhone mobile development scene until the iPhone 5 finally launches somewhere around the mid of September, 2012. We are a mobile app development company providing cost-effective and reliable offshore iPhone development services. You can hire iPhone programmers from us who are skilled at conceptualizing and developing ROI-intensive and interactive apps that are sure to capture the interest of Apple users across the world.

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