Facebook Development – The Need for Speed!

Facebook Application DevelopmentCan we let you in on a secret? Facebook developers swear by the efficiency that PHP provides them and the way it accelerates development. Though many around the world have chosen to deride PHP, there is no arguing about its inherent advantages. And this comes from the horse’s mouth; Facebook’s own development team.

Considering the rapid and dynamically changing nature of Facebook, utilizing a flexible technology that facilitates RAD and effectively reduces the SDLC duration is essential. PHP does this with aplomb. Not only is it fast, it is easy to use too. Green horns in the field of programming can easily ramp up to full-scale coding. The offspring of this rapid development methodology is HipHop for PHP, a project developed by the Facebook team that has significantly reduced their CPU usage on Web Servers. Think 50%. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

With HipHop it is possible to reduce CPU usage, thus reducing overheads resulting in the necessity for lesser number of web servers. The HipHop team was so impressed by the development tool’s performance at Facebook that they have released it as an open source tool, free to the general developer community. This will extend the expertise of the Facebook development team to developers across the globe and help them easily scale large complex sites using PHP.

Analyzing HipHop technically, it is not a compiler; instead it transforms PHP source code into optimized C++. Adapting and optimizing all along, HipHop ditches some of the rarely-used features such as eval () in favour of performance. Additionally, it integrates a code transformer, PHP runtime system’s reimplementation, and rewritten common PHP extensions. The challenge for HipHop at facebook was huge, as the site in question had 400 billion PHP-based page views every month, and that’s just a rough figure! What works in favour of HipHop is its PHP base that allows it to rapidly iterate through product versions.

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