Developing Special Needs Apps

The need for a mobile apps development company for special people cries out loud when expressed through the voice of a special child.

I am special – won’t you make educational apps as special as me?

I may not be able to use all the educational Ipad/Android apps you use, but I would like a fun interactive app that caters to my special needs.

I am special because I don’t see the world the way you do. I don’t always understand you and I know you don’t always understand me.

Almost one in five people in America are special like me. In 2005, according to a US Census Bureau report released in 2008, there were 54.4 million people that had needs different from you. That is almost the total population of California and Florida.

I am not stupid. I can use gadgets just like you. And I enjoy playing with them. I know that you love me, I know you try your best, but you are human after all, not a machine. Won’t it be nice, if in those tired moments there is the uncomplaining voice of an educational Ipad/Android app that takes over where you left off?

A simple picture exchange system can help non-verbal people. I can build images from relevant pictures. You can help me more by customizing it. You can add pictures and a photo vocabulary so that I can help explain to you that I am smart, I just need a way to express myself.

Yes, I cannot pay attention to any task for long spans of time. I try to, but it is so hard. Your nerves may stretch trying to be patient, but an app that rewards me with a star for every puzzle done, every challenge solved, every task accomplished can help increase my attention span and allow you to have a much needed rest every now and again.

I like singing. I have not been able to tell you that I like singing but I do. With a special app I can indulge in my secret desire and sing along with my special app pal. While doing so I can learn so much! I can learn my numbers, my abc, and names of the animal kingdom. Even if I can’t verbalize, I can touch the screen and be told by my special app pal that I got the answer right.

I am dyslexic and I keep reversing my Ss and my Ps. But my special app teacher never tires to correct me. She is patient when I am wrong and enthusiastic when I am right. So when you and I sit together to write S and P, and I get it right, I get to see the smile that lights up you face, thanks to the special app you gave me.

There are so many special apps I want. Some that are available and some that need to be made. I need them because I need help and so do my parents and care givers. There are so many of us with so many different needs, that the market has just begun to be explored. My parents have worked night and day to help me, and if you help them help me, they will thank you as will I.

You can have special apps made and put them up for a free trial. I will use them and if I learn from them, I will tell all my friends about and my parents will too. The school that I go to, the teachers that come train me, will all benefit from your special apps.

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