Data-intensive Applications – Apache to the Rescue

Many organizations offering web application development services struggle with vast volumes of data and their processing. Aptly termed as Big Data, these huge amounts of data generated around the globe are a challenge for custom web application development, as they render the contemporary warehousing solutions obsolete at a rapid rate. The need of the hour is flexibility and scalability of tools that enable storage of data in a manner that facilitates easy access and management, and an efficient way of processing data.

Enter Apache Hadoop, a widely popular software framework developed in Java that supports distributed applications dealing with large volumes of data. Especially suited to running heavy distributed computations on commodity hardware, Hadoop can be scaled from a single machine to thousands of machines with each of them offering local computation and storage. However with all these advantages, there’s a negative side too. Considering the map-reduce base of Apache Hadoop, it becomes difficult for greenhorn programmers to write custom programs for even the simplest of tasks. This is because Hadoop does not feature the ease-of-use of query languages like SQL. Flexibility is also limited in terms of code reuse. Then, how is it advantageous, you ask?

Here comes the silver lining! The Apache Hive database system integrates features of a NoSQL base and spreads over Hadoop to form an easy-to-use interface. All the challenges of storing, accessing and managing data are taken care of by Hive. Hire integrate HiveQL, an SQL-like query language and a seamless Command Line Interface (CLI). Along with a Serialization/Deserialization Module, also known as SerDe, Hive allows developers to interpret and query a variety of data formats, even custom ones. Thus the combination of Apache Hadoop and Hive comes up trumps over the problem of data-intensive application development.

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