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Augmented Reality has been buzzing around the Technology talks in the last 2-3 years. Large volume of information is captured and processed every single day. The bigger challenge lies on how to consume all that information in an easy and effective way. Augmented Reality as a concept has evolved into presenting valuable information by processing the real world around us. Augmentation as a term reflects enhancement or adding value to information we already are processing.
We see the world every day, interact with people, do things together. Augmented Reality brings us just one step forward where technology helps consumers to be one step ahead with more information.

Different Approaches

Since Augmented Reality has always been a conceptual term, number of companies have implemented different kind of implementations using image processing, GPS processing, custom overlays, mesh-ups with content providers, Navigation, games etc. We will discuss briefly all these implementations differ on adding value to the end users experience.

Image Processing

Image Processing is the most widely used technique to augment information. This involves engaging the end user through the Camera of the Smart Phone or web cam on the computers to start capturing video feed and processing every frame one by one to identify the markers where the augmented information will be displayed. Examples of such applications would be Layar which has implemented a framework which augments over the camera view on iPhone and symbolizes business locations, tweets etc based on your direction on compass.
Similarly, Digital Agencies are using Augmented Reality actively to create fun interactions with customers in Mall. Several campaigns where the end users can scan a brands picture has revealed a downloadable discount coupon, interactive questions or mobile games.

GoodCore has developed expertise in using image processing AR apps based on SDK from Qualcomm to develop such applications for start-ups, enterprises and Digital Agencies. Visit our website Augmented Reality App Development page for our expertise and portfolio.

GPS Based Processing

GPS based Augmented Reality

Location based applications are another growing trend in the market where number of content providers are linking information based on location and feeding them back to Smartphones and web apps. This has allowed consumers to get access to businesses, restaurants, gas stations etc based on their current Geo-location. By creating mesh-ups with such services with Augmented reality has given a whole new meaning to immersion. Now people can use applications to view restaurants over their camera giving directions to reach their store. Social networks are being mapped over camera or maps as overlays.


Augmented Reality has seen some very interesting games developed creating high engagement using interactive elements such as killing flying mosquito  in the room, funny characters jumping around the room, taking pictures with Santa Claus and many more. The games are perfect medium to leverage the immersive experience AR can bring to consumer experience.

At GoodCore we feel excited working with cutting edge technologies bringing innovation in information channels. We are among the first companies to develop skillet for Augmented Reality Applications. We believe AR has huge potential ahead in developing completely immersive information access to growing consumer needs.

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