ASP.NET Developers Rejoice – Web Essentials 1.4 is here!

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The growing number of applications that ASP.NET powers, has led to an ever-growing ASP.NET developer community. Many an offshore software development company is keen to find tools and techniques to build innovative web applications that help them beat the competition. In such as scenario, a tool like Web Essentials is a boon for die-hard .NET developers. Basically, it is an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio and lets coders perform common tasks faster and in an easier manner, a popular tact that every ASP.NET development company looks out for to reduce development timeframes. The latest version of this extension brings many new features to the table and augments the capabilities of Visual Studio to an even greater extent.
Some of the new features of Web Essentials 1.4 are:

  • Schema files are automatically updated

With the constant evolution that CSS specifications undergo, the change in browser specs are an inevitable and foregone conclusion. When developing a web application, developers must keep a keen eye on CSS updates. Web Essentials 1.4 saves you these hassles by automatically downloading latest schema files, thereby keeping Visual Studio primed to deliver bleeding-edge web apps.

  • Modernizr Support

All .NET developers are aware of Modernizr. In fact, the selection criterion for companies looking out to hire ASP.NET developers includes questions to test the interviewee’s knowledge about this extremely useful Javascript library. It inserts class names into the <html> web page element and builds a gentle bridge for web applications to support old as well as new browsers. Web Essentials 1.4 now fully supports these class names in the CSS editor!

  • Simply Minify

When working with CSS and JavaScript files, you can easily create .min files via a simple right click menu in the Solution Explorer. The change in the parent styles.css files automatically filters down to styles.min.css. You can even use the right click option for folders which leads to the creation of minified files for every CSS and JavaScript file in that folder.

  • Beefed up Solution Explorer

This handy menu now provides a document outline for any CSS or LESS file. All the items displayed in the outline can be navigated to, using the keyboard and an automatic preview is generated.

  • Selective Intellisense

You can pick only W3C standard using the Intellisense feature which saves the hassle of looking at a whole lot of unrequired Intellisense for non-W3C standards.

  • Check Out

All write permission issues are prevented now, as Web Essentials 1.4 checks out just the write files, which earlier possible before compiling and overriding due to the LESS, CoffeeScript and TypeScript compilers.
Always keeping a keen eye out for such cutting-edge developments, we are an offshore software development company that develops state-of-the-art web applications within stipulated timeframes. Our expertise as an ASP.NET development company is unrivalled and we also cater to companies looking to hire ASP.NET developers, with our extensively talented pool of .NET developers.


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