Apple Device Jailbreak – Freedom or Curse?

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Apple Device Jailbreak – Freedom or Curse?Ever since the world set its eyes on the new Apple technology devices, the number of possibilities that these state-of-the-art devices opened up were numerous. But well, with every seemingly potent technology that rears its head, there are the associated flipsides. Any iPhone application development company will vouch for the fact that the reach of iPhone apps and the desired RoI figures could not be fully achieved because, well these devices are expensive to manage. Take the iPhone for example, with the restrictions imposed by carriers and the expensive data and voice plans, it becomes a device only for a select few. Even they might not be able to completely explore and exploit the features of these devices.
So what’s the option? Jailbreak your Apple device. It not just increases the functionality of your iPhone, iPod or iPad, but also offers numerous possibilities. On the other not-so-sunny side, this technique can cause alterations in the device operation such as app crashes, battery drain, phone screen hang, etc. When jailbreaking your Apple device, bear in mind the fact that it is almost like solving a problem with your computer; it requires skills, knowledge and patience. Besides, the fact is, it’s not exactly legal. The stability and safety of your device is also compromised as new vulnerabilities might emerge from the jailbreak endeavor.

Another issue with jailbreaking is when you see that new iOS version in the market. With new features and functionalities, it would seem so lucrative. Take the decision to get this new version of the iOS, and poof! Your jailbreak is gone and your phone is back to normal. This means, you now need to again painstakingly go over the same process to bring your phone back to its jailbroken state. With the kind of developments occurring in the mobile app development and mobile technology arena, updating your OS to a new version is always a bright idea. This, though, might not augur well with your phone even though you might use apps, such as PkgBackup.

Jailbreaking can be quite frustrating too! It’s not as if everyone gets it in the first go. You might have to keep trying and build patience before you are successful. If a jailbreak does not work, you may need to complete a full restore for returning your iDevice back to its original state. Sounds easy? But, what about all the personal data and settings that you had on your Phone? Personalizing your phone again can be quite an arduous task.

What after a jailbreak. Though, there are numerous possibilities, but getting new apps from the Cydia Store might not seem a very good idea if the associated costs are considered. The apps here, though brilliant, are priced higher than the apps on the Apple iTunes App Store. In such scenarios keeping your iPhone, iPod or iPad in its original state might be quite intelligent.

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