Android Apps Finally get their Due

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Anyone with the slightest of interest in the technology arena would have heard about Google’s Android OS. Such is the popularity of this operating system that it has sneaked its way into countless mobile devices across the globe. The growing acceptance of Android is a great sign for many an Android application development company as it provides a great boost to this offshore software outsourcing services by catering to the increasing demand of cutting-edge apps. Every passing day new apps are being conceived to cater to arenas like business, entertainment, finance, news, travel and many more. With the increasing demand of updated and current information rendered on smart devices via apps, the need for increase in the size of Android app has been a constant outcry by the Android developer community.

Their cries have been answered; and by some margin! The initial size limit on any Android app developed and hosted on the Android Marketplace was 50MB. This size seems too trivial to hold meaningful information and yet apps have thrived and amazed. But, the need for larger app sizes is inevitable and so the powers that be have relented. The Android app size has now been increased to a whopping 4GB! As always there’s a catch, but Android developers might find it to be something they appreciate. The apps can now include two expansion files along with the Android apk apps that contain the supplementary data. The two files can be of 2GB each, while the app still remains of 50MB and this combination can be made available for download. What this means for developers is that they no longer need host all the data themselves.

The size limit increase comes as a welcome relief for entertainment and gaming app developers as the restricted size meant low res graphics and less detail. Now, Android gaming apps can spread their wings and showcase their real potential. The latest mobile devices running the Android OS have integrated support for this size update and automatically download the expansion files along with the app. People owning older devices need not fear, as Google has come up with a library that lets the app automatically download the extension files.

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